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Track your Spotify stats, analyze campaigns, and monitor meaningful data to fuel your career.

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Marketing Analytics for Music Artists.

Your Artists, Your Data Sources

Bring your music Data Sources together to keep track of your listeners, email subscribers, fans, and more! We focus on the music industry statistics that matter most to you, so you can focus on nurturing your listeners and growing your audience.

Manage Multiple Artists

PromoteKit makes it easy to monitor music career growth, whether you're a manager, record label, marketer, or play in multiple music projects.

Track Important Music Analytics

PromoteKit makes it simple to monitor your most important KPIs. We turn your data into easy-to-understand graphics so you can make the best decisions for your music career.

One-Click Ads Reporting

Save time and be blown away by our report templates. Measure your conversion rates, view your KPIs, and more!

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7 day free trial w/ 1 Artist plan | No credit card required